Smith Hill Cemetery Lots & Services

Cemetery Sexton: Wayne Nelson (989) 213-5900

The reduced prices for graves are available once in your lifetime.

If you are a township resident at the time of purchase upon death of an immediate family member, the prices are as follows:

Tax Paying Resident at Time of Need

Up to 5 years residency:  $200 each up to 2 graves

10 to 15 years:  $150 each up to 2 graves

15 to 20 years:  $100 each up to 2 graves

20 years or more:  $25 each up to 2 graves


Tax Paying Resident not at Time of Need

Tax paying resident not at time of need:  $350 per grave

This will be held in escrow until the time of need. The money will be applied to the current charges for grave and opening costs.

Non-Tax Paying Individual

A non-resident purchasing graves:  $500 per grave at any time

Resident for over 5 years, but not a tax payer:  $300 per grave at time of need, $500 per grave not at time of need



Grave opening, year round:  $500 weekdays, $600 Saturday, $800 Sunday and Holidays


Disinterment  $400

Grave opening at Smith Hill on weekdays only. Sexton must have 14 day notice.


Baby Land (2 foot by 4 foot grave site and grave opening)

Tax Paying:  $200

Non-Tax Paying:  $250

Opening grave for baby not in Baby Land, but in other sections of cemetery.

Tax Paying:  $100

Non-Tax Paying:  $150



Bburial-weekdays only:  $225


Foundations for markers: $100 minimum, $0.40/sq. inch.  The foundation must be 1 inch larger than the marker on each side.

Vases (urns):  $25


Revised and adopted on June 11, 2015, at the regular meeting of the Forest Township Board. Adopted opening and closing costs at the regular board meeting on April 11, 2002.